Do you watch all the sappy jewelry commercials and fantasize that it is you or do you curse all the marketing campaigns that remind you that you are still alone?  Where most people focus on their partners on February 14th, can a single person actually enjoy this day instead of taking a “sick day” from life?  If you are a single individual on Valentine’s Day, you can truly make it a great day rather than a dreaded one!

Let’s start with a positive outlook and consider these three simple ideas:

1.  Connect With Others:

Yes, the deep desire might be to spend Valentine’s Day with that special someone, but realize that this void can be filled by interacting with others who might be single too.  Of course, the idea is NOT to get together and be miserable and talk about how lonely you are, you will actually want to make sure you are making step 2 happen!

2.  Creative Activities:

Whether you connect with friends or you decide you are fine with being alone, be creative and find things you really like doing!  Make the day full of activities that are fun for you, that take care of you or are what you have wanted to do but have been putting off.  Go to your favorite restaurant, get a massage, get out and enjoy nature, do a sports or shopping day followed by a movie your really want to see.  The idea is that it gets to be about YOU and you can create the day however YOU want!

3.  Care For Others:

Just because there is not that special Valentine in your life right now does not mean you can’t care for or invest in others!  Often times, when we have a feeling of loneliness, it can go a long way in helping that ache not hurt so much by doing acts of service for others or finding ways to make someone else’s day.  Not only are we doing something that will help us to feel good about ourselves, but it will be a positive distraction as well.

So make a deal with yourself this year to not go into hiding for a day but to make the most of Valentine’s Day!  Whether it is connecting with others, doing something just for YOU or caring for others, be creative and make this Valentine’s Day a memorable day where you celebrate who you are!  Sure, it is ok to hope for that special connection but don’t let that keep you from making this Valentine’s Day one to remember.

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Janie Lacy

About the Author:  Relationship Expert, Janie Lacy, LMHC, NCC offers expert advice to Local and National TV News, Relationship Websites and provides phone or face-to-face counseling in the Orlando area.  Janie has a relational approach and a unique ability to connect with individuals. Drawing upon her broad range of experience in private practice, not-for-profit organizations, hospitality and the medical industry, she has helped countless people in many arenas of life. She offers keen insight on all aspects of relationships – family, marriage, parenting, dating, and personal growth.

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About the Author:

Janie is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, National Certified Counselor and Certified Sex Addiction Therapist in Orlando, Florida. Janie believes that everyone has a story. These stories give meaning and purpose to the chaos of everyday life. Janie believes that people can get stuck in their life with unhealthy coping mechanisms, unhealed past traumas or wounds deep inside themselves. Janie invites people to take a journey with her to discover their own life story by helping them make connections with their behavior and needs, recognize the patterns, as well as why they have developed those patterns. Janie's passion is to walk alongside individuals as they face past wounds to create healing in their lives.

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