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Marva Caldwell, LMHC, NCC

Women’s Wellness Specialist



 Three Words That Best Describe Marva

Intuitive, compassionate, advocate


Marva specializes in addressing the therapeutic wellness needs of adolescent girls, young women and adult women coping with: gynecological issues, pregnancy/postpartum depression & anxiety, infertility, birth loss, post-traumatic stress, and menopause.


Marva is a Licensed Mental Health Therapist with the State of Florida.  She has worked in Canada and the United States and has been licensed in both countries.

Marva has a diverse background in counseling and social work.  She obtained her Master’s Degree in Counseling and additional postgraduate training from Louisiana Tech University.   She also received her bachelor’s degree in Social Work in Louisiana at North Western State University.

Marva’s extensive knowledge about private practice, hospital based care, medical education, non profit, program development and collaboration provides a comprehensive therapeutic foundation for women seeking care.  As an experienced therapist, Marva has worked with women, children, adolescents, families and understands their diversity of needs.

Marva received certified training in women’s wellness and perinatal mental health through Postpartum Support International.  She has experience as an education specialist in hospital settings; teaching, creating and providing medical based information about women and children’s health and wellness. She had the opportunity to work closely with nurses, doctors and other professionals in collaboration to learn about medical education needs.  She has developed child and women’s wellness programs, initiatives, advocacy tools and education outreach.  Her personal and professional experience enable her to realize the need for highly trained specialists in women’s wellness, education and support.

Professional Memberships

  • Postpartum Support International
  • Resolve National Infertility Association
  • ASRM: American Society of Reproductive Medicine

What Marva Does For Fun or In Her Pastime

Marva is a mother, wife and daughter. She maintains a close connection with family and friends.  She loves the ocean, art, nature, being active and reading.