The Characteristics of Poor Communication

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Are you facing struggles in your relationships with your friends and loved ones?  Do you feel like the other person does not understand you or never listens to you?  Are you having a hard time communicating with other people in general?  The main reason couples struggle in their relationships is because of poor communication.  Many [...]

Four Ways To Make Relationships and Finances Work

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Is money causing conflict in your relationship? Money fights and money problems have been the leading cause of divorce for decades. Being in agreement about your finances is essential to a happy marriage. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest mistakes couples make in regards to money and the ways that these problems [...]

5 Ways to Embrace Your Singlehood

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Are you Single?  Unhappy?  Frustrated with life?  My question for you is WHY? Let me tell you that there is absolutely no reason for you to feel this way.  Singlehood is something that you should be able to embrace.  How can you do that?  Let’s take a look! 1) Get to Know Yourself First, it [...]

Four Ways To Deal With Guilt

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Burdened with feelings of guilt?  Have you done something to cause hurt to your friend or spouse?  Let’s take a look at what you can do when those feelings start to take over your whole being.    1) Pay Attention to the Feelings Guilt is simply a sign telling your conscience that something is wrong. [...]

Three Ways Jealousy Is Good For Your Relationship

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Jealousy is a common topic for most intimate relationships. Jealousy is an emotion involving fear, anxiety or apprehension about losing your loved one to someone else, or of being replaced in some way. Since this is a fear-based emotion, it can often bring up other negative emotions like worry and anger. These can be counterproductive and damaging for relationships.

Cohabitation Agreements?

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  Choosing to simply live together rather than getting married seems like the perfect solution for most couples nowadays. What happens when the relationship ends though? What if the couple is financially lopsided? How can you ensure your security if you are not supporting the relationship in a financial way and a break up happens? [...]


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WHAT IS WIFE ABANDONMENT SYNDROME (W.A.S.)?  She believed she was in a good, stable marriage until her husband surprised her out-of-the-blue with the news that it was over She was completely unaware that he was thinking of leaving or even unhappy He moved out quickly (often with a girlfriend) From the moment of his announcement, [...]

Three Reasons Women Blame the Other Woman

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When an affair has occurred, who is to blame?  The responsibility most often should be allocated to the betrayer of the relationship – the husband.  This is not to say the “other woman” does not have responsibility, especially if she knew he was married.  However,it's understandable that the other woman becomes the target for a [...]

Is Your Commute Ruining Your Relationship?

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Today, we are encouraged to take on lots of new commitments, doing many things, but potentially doing few things well like our most important relationship.  Did you know that new research from Umea University indicates that a 45-minute commute each way increases the likelihood of a breakup by 40%?  This study examined the habits of [...]