Cohabitation Agreements?

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  Choosing to simply live together rather than getting married seems like the perfect solution for most couples nowadays. What happens when the relationship ends though? What if the couple is financially lopsided? How can you ensure your security if you are not supporting the relationship in a financial way and a break up happens? [...]

Women and Porn: Not Just a Guy Issue!

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When most people in our culture think about pornography and who is accessing it online, their thoughts automatically go to the male population. Would it surprise you to know that women represent 30% of the internet pornography consumers (Internet Pornography Statistics, 2008; Nielsen//NetRatings, April 2005)? It is time to stop with the “old school” thinking [...]


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WHAT IS WIFE ABANDONMENT SYNDROME (W.A.S.)?  She believed she was in a good, stable marriage until her husband surprised her out-of-the-blue with the news that it was over She was completely unaware that he was thinking of leaving or even unhappy He moved out quickly (often with a girlfriend) From the moment of his announcement, [...]

Three Reasons Women Blame the Other Woman

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When an affair has occurred, who is to blame?  The responsibility most often should be allocated to the betrayer of the relationship – the husband.  This is not to say the “other woman” does not have responsibility, especially if she knew he was married.  However,it's understandable that the other woman becomes the target for a [...]

Is Your Commute Ruining Your Relationship?

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Today, we are encouraged to take on lots of new commitments, doing many things, but potentially doing few things well like our most important relationship.  Did you know that new research from Umea University indicates that a 45-minute commute each way increases the likelihood of a breakup by 40%?  This study examined the habits of [...]

Three Reasons Couples Increased Intimacy After 9/11

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What we often tend to forget during times like 9/11 is that tragedy also provides one, unintended service: It brings us closer together and allows us -- for one fleeting moment, anyway -- to feel we share common bounds in humanity.  We become more human and more focused on the things which really matter in [...]

4 Ways Unforgiveness Destroys Your Marriage

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Unforgiveness does its work slowly.  It’s almost like mold behind a wall, you may not notice it this day or the next day, but eventually you will experience its harmful effects. 1. We increasingly limit the intimacy of our relationship. Unforgiveness is like a wall that you are building a brick at a time, a [...]

Five Reasons Why One Partner Gives Up On The Marriage

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  1.They have met someone else (distraction). Their emotional energy is flowing toward another person.  This is particularly true when a husband quits trying in a marriage.  They will tell their wives “I don’t love you anymore” or “I am not sure I want to be in this marriage”.  Nine times out of ten there [...]