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Family Counseling is geared to work on the family unit as a whole while not losing sight of each individual. Each family member is vital to building a healthy family and you should be careful not to elevate one member too highly or put down any one in a way where they feel excluded or isolated. Family counseling is all about letting each member feel heard, validated, and secure that they are an important part of the family unit and that their feelings truly matter.

Who needs Family Counseling?

Is your family struggling with hurts from a traumatic event, from the effects of divorce, separation or the possibility of one of these, or just from the real things that life throws at a family and you want to learn how to function in a healthy way? Then Family Counseling would be for you! Remember, Family Counseling does not just have to be about a huge event, it can be a great way to pull the family together, to insure each member has a voice that is heard and to learn to strengthen your family dynamics as a whole.

What you can expect in Family Counseling?

You can expect to have a place where each family member is able to share, in a safe place, what they are feeling, thinking and experiencing within the family. We will dig past surface level responses and actions to find the core of what is bringing distance or pain in the family and then come up with solutions that will begin to build healing.