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Do you have a problem with anger?

  • Have you ever hurt someone because of your anger – physically or emotionally?
  • Have you ruined a friendship, a marriage, a family relationship, or a business relationship?
  • Have you ever said something when you were angry you wish you could take back?

What is Orlando Anger Management Counseling?

The goal is not to be “anger free.” Instead, it is to teach individuals how to control and understand their responses.

What can I expect in Orlando Anger Management Counseling?

You will learn and focus on the source of the anger. You will learn your specific triggers (in session and as homework). Until you are able to control the anger, you will want to avoid the triggers as much as possible.

You will learn to identify anger before it is out of control and identify any underlying issues such as deep emotional wounds.

Anger compels us to right wrongs and reconcile relationships. To deny yourself the emotion of anger is to convince yourself of the lie that nothing in your life is wrong – or worse, nothing that is wrong in your life is worthy of your attention.

We need anger! But we also need to know how to respond to it. Anger that is unaddressed will either hurt us or drive us to lash out at others – very often both results eventually comes to pass.

5 Steps to Handle Anger

  1. Consciously acknowledge to yourself that you are angry.
  2. Restrain your immediate response.
  3. Locate the focus of your anger.
  4. Analyze your options.
  5. Take constructive action.

Resource: Anger: Handling a Powerful Emotion in a Healthy Way by Gary Chapman