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RELATIONSHIPS!  They are what bring us some of our greatest joys and also our deepest pain! So what do you do when you are either ready to move forward and take your relationship to the next level or when your relationship is facing what feels like insurmountable odds?  That is what Relationship Counseling is all about! It is preparing you for that journey with your partner as you begin life together, it is helping you deal with the relationship you are in right now and it is also for working through relational issues that you feel lost in or never thought you would face.

So whether you are looking forward to taking the step into marriage, you are currently married and need a relationship coach and counselor or you feel you are at the end of your rope, I am here to walk with you through this crucial time in your life and relationship.

Here are a few of the areas of service I provide:

Please don’t hesitate to call or fill out the contact form if there is any area you would like to address or seek counseling.