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No one goes into their marriage thinking that theirs will be the one that ends in divorce. Unfortunately, many people find themselves facing divorce, wondering how they got here and how to get through it. It is challenging enough for what you may be going through, but if children are involved, the affects are even more severe. The good news is that you do not have to walk through this alone!

Who needs counseling in this area?

If you are in a marriage where you are feeling hopeless or where you have already decided that your marriage is ending, you want to consider going through counseling during this very emotional and difficult time. There are many emotions hitting at one time and vulnerability can be at an all time high, so it is very important to seek out professional help to guide you through what is healthy for you. Keep in mind, just because you are seeking counseling, this does not mean that your marriage is over or that you will be talked into staying in your marriage. It is for those that want to be heard and get feedback so they are not feeling alone or making decisions out of their hurt, anger or pain.

What can you expect?

First of all, you can expect to be accepted, listened to and not judged. We will make sure that you are safe and that we explore every option based on what your needs are. The focus will be on you, what boundaries you can set and how to move forward in the healthiest way for you.  Also, there will be a focus on what children go through during divorce and how not to put your children in the middle between you and your spouse.  You can expect to receive real counseling with practical steps to guide you through restoring your marriage or dealing with life during and after divorce.