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When something is broken, you cannot repair it unless you understand how it works, right?  People who understand hardware and software fix computers.  A mechanic who understands how an engine works is able to fix your car.  Some of us try to fix our MARRIAGES without ever taking a look at how they work.

It is important that couples understand the source of their frustrations and why they get stuck.  This goes along with Janie’s philosophy that people can get stuck in their life with unhealthy coping mechanisms, unhealed past traumas or wounds deep inside themselves.

Janie invites you to take a journey with her to discover your own life story by making connections with your behavior and needs, recognizing the marital patterns, as well as why you have developed those patterns.

The greatest growth happens when we have feedback and accountability.

Janie specializes in helping couples overcome betrayals, lies and deceit that has eroded their marriage.

Read some of her articles below:

The Way You Argue

All couples argue.  Arguing in and of itself is not dangerous to a marriage.  What is dangerous is how a couple argues. The way a couple argues has the potential to wound and unravel the cord that ties their hearts together.

When it comes to relationships, communicating isn’t as simple as either doing it or not.

You are COMMUNICATING in your relationship all the time even if you aren’t aware of it:

  1. Talking
  2. Physical touch
  3. Appearance
  4. Meaningful looks
  5. Written Words
  6. Gifts
  7. Helpful Actions
  8. Flirting
  9. Affirmation
  10. Humor
  11. Sharing Time
  12. Demonstrating priority for your partner

You may be in a situation right now in which you feel that communication is broken.  The lines have closed down and you feel isolated and alone.  Don’t blame your spouse (even if you are married to a cold, introverted person).  Learning how to communicate is a very detailed process and it starts with you.