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Did You Know That…?

  • 53% of American 13-year-old girls are unhappy with their bodies.
  • 78% of 17-year-old girls are dissatisfied with their appearance.
  • 85% of adult women wake up each day ready to do battle with their weight and size.
  • More than $35 million is spent on dieting and diet products each year.

Many girls and young women believe that their lives will be transformed when their goal weight or dress size has been reached. This keeps women in the constant pursuit of thinness. This often results in body-shame and body loathing, low self esteem, and body-image disturbances.

Body-image problems occur along a continuum that ranges from mild dissatisfaction to severe body-hate.  Body-image disturbance is generally seen in conjunction with self-esteem issues, depression, eating disorders, or sexual abuse.

These warning signs may indicate that a problem exists:

  1. Unable to accept a compliment.
  2. Mood is affected by how she thinks she looks.
  3. Constantly compares self to others.
  4. Calls her self-disparaging names – “fat,” “gross,” “ugly,” “flabby.”
  5. Attempts to create a “perfect” image.
  6. Seek constant reassurance from others that her looks are acceptable.
  7. Consistently overestimates the size of her body or body parts.
  8. Believes if she could attain her goal weight or size, she would accept herself.
  9. Allows her drive for thinness to supersede all of life’s pleasure or goals.
  10. Equates thinness with beauty, success, perfection, happiness, confidence, and self-control.
  11. Compartmentalizes the body into parts – (thighs, stomach, buttocks, hips, etc.) rather than feeling connected to the whole body.
  12. Has an ever-present fear of being fat – even if she is slim.
  13. Has an overriding sense of shame about herself and her body.